Monday, 31 March 2014

Sh. Bakshi Ram Arora, Mayur, Amritsar & Pt. M.D. Vashisht

Sh. Bakshi Ram Arora, Mayur, Amritsar & Pt. M.D. Vashisht

Vedic Astrology since the ancient times has always believed in the healing powers of the gemstones. Our Sages and seers of India had discovered that gemstones had the power to absorb powerful cosmic rays , energies and had beneficial healing properties.

They also have the ability to nullify effects of harmful cosmic rays and malefic planets present in the birth chart as well as the transit period. They are worn to bring prosperity , growth, benefit, good luck happiness and abundance. They are available in different colour representing the planets ,Moon and the Sun. They have the ability to absorb the rays from the invisible white light spectrum. Gemstones are used in all communities all across the world.

All gemstones are with there own unique properties: color, crystalline structure, hardness ,specific gravity etc. The gemstones can be used only after studying and analyzing a horoscope and in accordance with the transits. Only then one can be assured to its positive and beneficial results .Using an inappropriate gemstone can energise a malefic planet and hence one might experience disturbances due to the same.

In vedic astrology we mainly focus upon the the Solar system i.e. Navagrahas and the coloured gemstones representing the same which can be most effective in enhancing the positive effects or counteracting the negative effects of planetary influence. The gemstones have to be worn adorned in specified metal , consecrated on their specified day with specified mantra and procedure to the maximize benefits.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

नही मिलेगा तुझको कोई हम जैसा

नही मिलेगा तुझको कोई हम जैसा
जा इजाजत है जमाना आजमा ले......

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